About Me

I am an attorney licensed to practice law in both Minnesota and Florida.
Currently, I live in River Falls, WI on a twenty-stall horse boarding and training facility where I have resided since 1995

My first area of legal practice was in the Criminal Defense Law area. I have conducted over twenty felony jury trials, most of them successfully. Many of my cases involved drug trafficking and possession charges. I have also defended charges of Sexual Assault, Grand Theft, Armed Robbery, and Attempted Murder.

Today I include in my legal interests the areas of Equine and Animal Welfare Law, as well as Dog Bite Cases. I am interested in helping animal owners remain safe and suit-free by practicing safe management and animal handling techniques. I enjoy speaking publicly on these topics.

I am also a Certified Equine Appraiser in the Midwest area. This is a growing field applicable to people who are selling horses and need them valued for tax reasons, or for owners who want to establish the value of their horses in the event of an injury or dispute.

My farm in River Falls is a source of great interest for me. Much of my free time is spent riding in the disciplines of Dressage and Jumping, and I have competed in both over the past 15 years. My farm is currently the host of dressage trainer Janna Kysilko and her many lovely clients and horses. We have an indoor arena and so can enjoy riding year around. I also board horses, and give beginning riding lessons when time permits.

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